Rick Hill / Art Director

Kelley Blue Book

KBB didn't write the book on car pool etiquette but did write the book on car prices

Social Content - Coming soon

Agency: COX 


Autotrader / B2B

When dealerships use Autotrader, they can retire their wacky inflatables tube men.

B2B Campaign / Wacky Inflatables Retirement - Emails, Direct Mail, Digital, Videos

Agency: COX 



Autotrader & Kelley Blue Book Sponsorship Content - Coming soon

Agency: COX 

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Fun with Merch

Autotrader Merch Designs 

Agency: COX 

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Play Signals

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta / Signage / OOH 

Freelance / Agency: Three

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Georgia Lottery

Pitch Work / Key Art

Freelance / Agency: Ogilvy / 3D by Alexis Persani

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Battery Zombies

2D Creation of Car Battery Zombies 

Freelance / Agency: Jackson Spalding

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Collection of Social Ideas 

Freelance / Agency: Moxie 

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Flavor conquers all

Zaxby's / Content / Digital / Tailgate Gear

Freelance / Agency: SJ&P



In-Store Activation & POS

Freelance / Agency: Iris


Florida Lottery

TV, OOH, Social, etc

Freelance / Agency: SJ&P 

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TV / Content / Cancer Awarness

Agency: JWT

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Baskin Robbins


Agency: 22squared / Animation: Nathan Love

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 8.53.38 AM.png

Travis Manion Foundation

Content / Social

Agency: JWT / Photo by Jason Maris



Old work but still love it / Online Content

Agency: BBDO

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Jiffy Lube

360 Thinking

Agency: JWT

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 6.34.01 PM.png

CBS Sports

Online Content / TV

Agency: 22squared / Motion by Upper First

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Agency: JWT / 3D by The 3D Agency London

image temp-USMC Poster.jpg

Ping POP 

Art Show / Content

Agency: BBDO

image temp-Ping POP ATL3.jpg

secret agents

Buffalo Wild Wings / Content / Videos / Digital 

Agency: 22squared 

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TV / Content / Video / Digital / Cartoon / etc

Agency: Mullen / Boston

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